A super start!!

Autumn term

The children in year 5 have made a super start to the 2019/20 school year. Here is a quick update of what we have been up to.

We have been reading A Boy and a Bear in a boat by Dave Shelton. It is a witty, fun book which follows the adventure of it’s title characters. The children in year 5 have completed some wonderful work around the book such as writing a letter of advice to the Boy, and have even made a sandwich’s adventure.

In history we have investigated the Anglo-Saxon period, asking ourselves ‘Was the Anglo-Saxon period really a dark age?’ By looking at the archaeological find of the period, we have tried to answer this question and use evidence to back up our arguments.

Our science topic has been space. We have looked at the planets which make up our solar system, the movements of planet Earth, and the important figures who have made some of the most amazing finds in our history.

To top it all off, the children delivered an amazing assembly for all of Colegate and their loved ones.

I think you would agree that the children have already covered so much! A massive well done to year 5 for their hard work so far in the term. Keep up the good work.

Mr Johnson