Autumn in Our Early Years


This term we have been looking into Autumn, what we might see outside and how nature changes because of this time of year.

Harvest Festival
We started off the discussion, looking into Harvest Festival, why we have it, and what we are celebrating, looking at lots of different foods. We sang our song ‘What do we bring for Harvest Time’ in front if the whole school!

Autumn Walk
We all went on a walk arou nd our school looking for different things we might see in Autumn to add to our science area. We found two conker trees, lots of brown, red, black and yellow leaves, mushrooms, pine cones and acorns! We now use them back in class to make pictures. We especially love the spikey conker shells, and bring them into school, when we find them on the ground.

We have been looking into the different colours leaves can change to in Autumn, and why this happens. We have created our own Autumn leaves with collage materials, glueing and sticking materials onto them in the Autumn colours – we now have our own tree in the classroom with all of the leaves on!
The leaves that we picked up on our Autumn walk are now used as stampers! We love seeing the preety patterns they make when used on the paper with paint.