Bonfire night became bonfire week!

We have had great fun learning about Bonfire Night – why we celebrate it and the different ways we can celebrate it, for example, fireworks, bonfires, sparklers, toffee apples and lots more.

We have explored lots of different creative bonfire pictures throughout our classroom. Outside we made splatter paintings, flicking the paints all over the black paper to make it look like exploding fireworks. Inside the classroom, we have made bonfire pictures with orange, red and brown papers, gluing them down onto black card.

Fine Motor
We have been exercising our fingers to get them ready for handwriting by creating firework shapes in the glitter on our tuff spot – they looked beautiful!

Little Moverz
In PE this week, Michelle made it Bonfire Night themed! We danced with firework ribbons, making swirls and twirls in the air to pretend we were fireworks. Together we created 2 ‘guys’ by stuffing children’s clothes with tissue paper – we then put them on the parachute to throw them in the air!

Early Years Bonfire
Together we had our own bonfire in Early Years, we all collected the wood and stacked it to make the base of the fire, we then had marshmallows on sticks and toasted them over the fire. It was yummy! We loved singing songs around the campfire.

We baked our own firework cookies and decorated them with brightly coloured icings, sprinkles, and sweets to make them look like fireworks!