Halloween in EYFS

Stories and Songs
For Halloween week we looked at the stories ‘Funny Bones’ and ‘Room on the Broom’, as well as the song ‘Them Bones’. 

The story Room on the Broom is one of our favourites, we had great fun becoming Winnie the Witch and making our own potions in the mud kitchen and the home corner. We even wrote our own potion recipe in our Literacy Book.

We loved to read the story Funny Bones – we made our own skeleton pictures with white straws on black card, they were very spooky!

Water Tray
This week our water was replaced with Halloween spaghetti, we had fun using tweezers to pick out spiders and rats!

Home Corner
Our home corner became a witches den!! It was great to be able to make spooky potions in our home corner, we added pine cones, sticks, leaves, conkers and stones to our potions, as this is what witches like to eat.

Mrs Henry became a witch and acted out Halloween games with us. The witch sent us on spooky missions, which were extremely fun.

Halloween Disco
We had great fun at the Halloween disco after school, we loved to dress up and dance with all of the other boys and girls in the school.