Attendance/Absence from School

Attendance & Lateness

At Colegate Community Primary School we expect parents to ensure that their child attends school every day that is possible in a school year. We place great value on our attendance figures and follow up on lack of attendance quickly and effectively.

Currently our annual attendance figure is 96%. However wre still intend to improve on this with your help.

Lateness is also an issue that we take seriously, as children who are regularly late miss out on valuable learning and can feel embarrased by coming into class after everyone else. They also disrupt children who have already started their work. If a child is late regularly, the parents will be contacted for a meeting at the school.

Our policies and system for dealing with attendance issues are available on this page for you to view. If you feel you need help with getting your child to school, please let us know and we can do things to help.

There has been no change to the Government’s policy on holidays in term time. Holidays cannot be authorised unless it is for exceptional circumstances. Schools will be expected to issue ‘Penalty Notices’ , or fines, for parents who insist on taking these breaks during school time.

Medical appointments should be made at the beginning or end of the day and outside of school hours wherever possible. Wherever possible the child should not be absent for the whole session . Letters confirming medical appointments must be brought to the office to be copied and held on pupil files.

If your child is absent it is your responsibility to let us know they are absent and why. If we have to ring you to find out we will need to ask other questions as to why your child is absent and why we were not informed.

Attendance and Truancy Policy