antibullyinglogo3Here at Colegate we take the safety and wellbeing of all of our pupils very seriously and we work extremely hard to ensure that all pupils feel safe. Safeguarding means a lot of different things in a school. It is everything from Health & Safety matters, through making sure all visitors and staff are safe to be with children, to tackling bullying rigorously and ensuring pupils feel safe whenever they are in school. We have a range of policies to deal with the various aspects of safeguarding, some are in the ‘School Policies’ section of this site. They are all in this section as well. We will put any safeguarding news in this section and notify you of updates.

Our overall Safeguarding Policy. Please feel free to read it and send any comments you may have: Safeguarding Policy 2018

Our Child Protection Policy from November 2016: Child Protection Policy

Our Internet Policy, which has safeguarding information for parents in it: Internet A Parents Guide

This is a copy of our Anti Bullying Policy: Anti-Bullying Policy

If you would like to be a volunteer in school this is our policy for volunteers: Volunteers Policy