School Meals

If you pay for your child’s meals they need to be paid for on a Monday morning, not during the rest of the week. This enables the staff to order what is required for the week’s meals. Please send in your payment, in an envelope, with your child to their classroom. This removes the queues at the office on Monday mornings and greatly speeds up the process of sorting out the meals required. There are envelopes available for making these payments from the office.

If your child is taking school meals they should be taking them all week. It is not possible to mix these with packed lunches during the week as food needs to be ordered and prepared on a weekly basis.

As you will know, especially by now, all children in Key Stage 1 now receive a free school meal. This is a very positive step for many parents and families and is to be welcomed. However, behind the headlines there are some serious issues for schools like ours!

What has not been widely publicised is that the Government is only funding 83% of those free meals. The school is funding the other 17%. This means money is being taken away from educating our pupils in order to feed them. This is having a detrimental effect on our budget year on year.

The other major issue for us is that we receive a large proportion of our budget from ‘Pupil Premium’ funding and this is calculated on the number of children in school claiming free school meals. Every child who does claim free school meals attracts £1300.00 for the school! If the parents of Key Stage 1 children decide not to claim their entitlement, as their child will get a free school meal anyway, the school budget will be reduced drastically and could result in us losing staff and certainly reduce our ability to buy resources for our children. Please make sure you claim your entitlement, it makes a huge difference!