Sports Premium

The Government now provides funding for sporting activities, called ‘Sports Premium’. We receive £17,600 per year to spend on sporting activities and education. We spend it in the following manner:

  • We pay to keep a member of the school staff trained at a high level to organise and deliver sports education and extra activities across the whole school. (£4,690)
  • We pay to be a part of a massive and highly successful partnership of schools across Gateshead, that delivers coaching, multi-school events and high quality activities all year round. (£4,535)
  • We also put funding towards activities that would be too expensive for parents to afford alone, such as residential activities and some events. (£4,000)
  • We have used some funding each year to further promote activities on lunchtimes and breaktimes. (£500)
  • We have also put £5,000 into new P.E. resources and storage.
  • A further £500 is being used to develop our P.E. practice across the school by training the staff coordinator to a higher level in 2015-16.
  • We are also attempting to expand our out of school clubs using a further £4,000.
  • We also pay for training for our teaching and support staff to be more effective in their delivery of Physical Education.

We place a lot of importance on the sporting and physical activities of our pupils. From dance festivals to Primary Athletics Festival involvement and many, many more competitions and coaching opportunities, we ensure our pupils have access to the best available in the area.


Planned Sports Premium Spending for 2018-19
Coaches S&W£0
Assistant Teachers S&W£4,690TLR Costs
Internal Staff Training£500SSP Training
Playground Equipment£500For activities
Education Equip/Capitation£5,000Resources, strips etc.
Educational Visits£4,000Sporting Competitions, travel etc.
Schools Sports Partnership (SSP)£4,535Primary 150-224 pupils
Out of school clubs£4000Resourcing and staffing costs.