Year 3


Today Year 3 completed an investigation to find out which materials block light to form shadows.  They learned how light travels, and sorted materials according to whether they were opaque, transparent or translucent. They then used these materials for an investigation into different shadows by shi


Spellings were given out today for a test on Friday 24th January: Creating adverbs using the suffix -ly (exceptions to the rules): fully, publicly, daily, shyly, slyly. Year 3 statutory words – decide, describe. Homework was given out yesterday (Thursday). Please return on Monday.


This week, Year 3 have worked together to reinforce their understanding of the sequences contained within the hundred square.  Can you complete the challenge? After this, they moved onto what initially appeared to be an easy task.  The task encouraged children to thin


Spellings were given out today for a test on Friday 17th January: Creating adverbs using the suffix – ‘ly’ (root word ends in ‘le’) gently, possibly, horribly, incredibly, probably. Year 3 statutory words – consider, continue.


Year 3 & 4 thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas performance of The Landlord’s Cat.  After many rehearsals and sing-a-longs, it was lovely to see such a big audience support their stars up on the stage this afternoon. What a talented bunch!  


Spellings were given out on Friday for a test on Friday 20th December: ‘ly’ adverbs – no change to root word – kindly, quickly, safely, finally, usually. Year 3 statutory words – centre, certain. Times tables are the 8 times table. Homework was given out on Thursday.  Please return by Monday.


Year 3 enjoyed a scrummy Christmas lunch yesterday, with the whole school sitting down together with teachers and TA’s.  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  


After an exciting morning at the pantomime, Year 3 got all crafty and made dazzling Christmas cards.  Look out for them next week!


Spellings were given out today for a test on Friday 13th December: Words with the sound /ur/ spelt with ear – earth, early, learn, heard, search, earn. Year 3 statutory words – calendar, caught Times tables are the 8 times table. Homework was given out today. Work out 12 in Maths and Workout 9 in En